The innovative solar shower Solstar installed at a swimming pool overlooking the sea.
Suggested installation
Pool photo by Nabih El Boustani sur Unsplash

Parker Industrial Development (PID) conceive and develop innovative, high-quality products for outdoor living; notably the beach shower Solstar

The beach shower Solstar®

Discover our new luxury beach shower which features an innovative solar collector, designed and made in France.

Solstar’s solar collector offers a large surface to water volume ratio. Simply put you get hot water fast.

As well as enhancing the overall design of the shower, giving it its unique look, the solar collector doubles up as a privacy screen.

A luxury beach shower

At PID we are constantly in search of perfection. Design driven by function and performance driven by innovation our products are unique and elegant. A pleasure to own, to use and always a talking point.

Solstar is constructed solely from high grade materials incorporated in a contempory design that is both robust and elegant. However, not just a pretty face, this shower has been built with performance in mind and has been extensively tested at our coastal test location in Seignosse, France.


An eco-friendly and economic outdoor shower

  • Solstar follows the traditions of PID. Products designed to be recyclable with compact packaging to reduce the impact of logistics and, even better for the environment, designed for life; robust products designed to be fixed not replaced!
  • Thanks to solar energy, the water in Solstar’s solar collector is heated continually and at no cost, providing your family and you with enough hot water for several rinses.
  • Also, taking a shower before plunging in your pool considerably reduces chemical consumption and therefore the cost of maintaining your pool.

If you’re looking for an elegant and durable outdoor shower for your garden or pool take a look at Solstar!

If you are a professional swimming pool builder or supplier and are looking for an innovative, designer shower, contact us.